Advantages Of Contionuous Pyrolysis Plant

The volume of vehicles is increasing at a good pace around the world. Among other things, this case has triggered another major issue of huge piles of waste tires. It is estimated that an incredible number of tires are thrown into landfills every year and this number is increasing each and every year. There are a number of problems of this approach.


One of the biggest problems is the fact these waste tires occupy a plot of land and also the bigger problem would be that the chemicals within these tires cause pollution since they leach into the ground. Thankfully, there is a way to get rid of these waste tires within a profitable manner.


It can be done by converting the waste tires into useful fuel oil and various other products with the help of pyrolysis technology. For pyrolysis to happen, pyrolysis plant is needed. There are 2 types of pyrolysis plant. The initial one is the continuous pyrolysis plant and also other the first is the batch pyrolysis plant. Here is a listing of a few of the advantages of continuous pyrolysis plant.


Advantages of Contionuous Pyrolysis Plant


As outlined above, one other option available for pyrolysis plant is batch type plant. The greatest downside of batch type plant is it is low on automation and desires a lot of labor being operated. Also, it really is highly inefficient. After processing of each batch, the pyrolysis plant needs to be stopped to discharge the final products including steel wire and carbon black. Also, feeding the tires is just not a continuous process along with the processing must be stopped to fill the plant again.


This whole process takes up to 20 hours which means the plant will not produce anything for a whole day. Another big disadvantage is it cannot process high amount of feed stock which means it is limited by processing only a limited quantity of tires. Some of the most common batch processing pyrolysis plants have capacity up to 12 a lot of tires each day. This is ideal for personal business but a continuous pyrolysis plant is needed where huge quantities of tires need to be processed on a regular basis.


One of the biggest benefits of continuous pyrolysis plant is it has huge processing capacity in comparison to the batch type plants. Most models available for sale are designed for processing around 100 large amount of waste tires each day. An additional benefit of this plant is it is fully automatic as it includes their own feeding and discharge system that the plant fails to need to be stopped. The majority of these plants feature multiple reactors which leads to higher yield of oil in the raw material.


Overall, there are a number of advantages of continuous pyrolysis plants when compared to the batch type pyrolysis plant but it is important that you purchase this plant only from a popular manufacturer which has expertise in making these plants. There are many of manufacturers making these plants but you should check their reviews and ratings before you order this continuous pyrolysis plant from that.